About the Owner

Straight Slayage Hair Co.

My name is Shawda’ Love. I am a serial entrepreneur and I am the Owner/CEO of the beauty brand, “Straight Slayage Hair Co.” aka SSHAIRCO. 



Founder Statement

It all started with a financial and mental struggle that became a vision while in nursing school and working 2 jobs. I have been selling hair extensions for 4 years now and in that time I have acquired other products and services such as custom wig making and hair coloring. You may be wondering what qualifies me to have such a business besides a license or LLC well I have tirelessly spent the last 4 years and currently still, researching and self educating , performing trial and error with many vendors for products and more. I have encouraged and assisted other successful “beautypreneurs” as well during these last 4 years whose success has far exceeded my own which I can humbly say. My mission, is to be so significant and successful in this business, that one day soon, I can “freely” give back to women and girls who suffer from alopecia, cancer, and generalized hair loss. If you suffer from one of these issues contact me and I will gladly assist you financially and mentally! I also offer a large variety of hair extensions and wholesale including mink lashes. The goal is to help women gain unwavering confidence by enhancing their natural beauty so they can slay life daily! Connect with me I am the hair and lash plug or better yet call me the beauty plug!